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Three Ways to Practice Gratitude

Did you know that being genuinely grateful is one of the strongest emotions one can experience? Gratitude is among the highest energy frequencies. It’s the feeling of sincere appreciation for what you have; material and non-material. Gratitude enables us to see the good in our lives and can have a positive impact on us physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Some people who are not currently living their ‘dream life’ believe that if they’re grateful for what they currently have, their life will remain the same and won’t change for the better. Quite the contrary, however. If you’ve ever studied the law of attraction, you’re familiar with ‘like attracts like.’ In a nutshell, the more gratitude we have, the more of it we’ll receive. So embrace feelings like gratitude, happiness, joy, and love. Don’t believe that just because you’re not where you’d like to be in life at this particular moment that you don’t deserve to feel those emotions, or that by having those emotions you won’t continue progressing towards your goals. Keep reading to find out three simple ways you can practice gratitude:

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1) Keep a Gratitude Journal

One of my favorite things to do daily is to journal five to ten things for which I’m grateful. Keep in mind these don’t have to be huge, monumental accomplishments. Be grateful that you woke up and had food to eat for breakfast, clean water to drink, and shoes to wear on your feet. Be grateful that you can go outside, breathe fresh air, and hear the birds sing. Some people, unfortunately, are unable to experience these things each day. No matter how good or bad your life is feeling at this moment, I encourage you to do this exercise of writing down a few things and, after some days of doing this, see if you notice a difference with how you feel.  

2) Spread The love

Find ways in your day to show your gratitude towards others. A little gesture of appreciation can go a long way. For instance, think of a restaurant or other business you’ve been to recently where you’ve had a good experience and write them a nice review online. Since reviews and ratings are so crucial for businesses these days in the age of Yelp and Google, most places will be really appreciative of you taking the time to write one. Writing a nice review will help you practice gratitude, it helps a business you like potentially gain new customers, and it helps others who’re maybe looking for a new spot to try that they’ve never been before. It’s a win for everyone!

3) Gratitude Focused Meditation

Similar to the Gratitude journal, another great way to practice gratitude is to dedicate a period of your day to sit and do a gratitude focused meditation. Be still. Focus on your breath. Maybe put on some gentle music or ocean sounds in the background. Begin to think of something you’re grateful for. How does it make you feel? Begin getting into more and more detail about the things you’re grateful for. Many of us, including myself, have a difficult time sitting and letting our minds relax while we meditate. Just do the best you can and feel proud that you took the time to do your best. Some days you may find it easier to meditate; other days, you may find it’s hard to calm your mind. Both are okay. Over time you will gradually find it becomes easier and more comfortable to meditate.

I hope that you’ve gained some value from reading this blog post and will make sure to practice gratitude each day if you don’t already. I believe it will make you feel happier and more positive. Let me end this by saying.. I’m grateful for YOU!

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