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Hi loves, I’m Sarah Marie! 

I’m so grateful that you’re here! You may know me from my YouTube channel “Holistic Habits”. I’ve created this space to share my passion for natural beauty, holistic living, calming tips and more. My goal is to help you live your best life by caring for your body, mind and spirit! 

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How my journey began:

During my teenage years I developed severe cystic acne and debilitating social anxiety. My self confidence was shattered and I became a recluse. When I looked in the mirror I no longer recognized the girl looking back at me. However, it wasn’t until a couple years later that the real nightmare began - I fell deeply into the anxiety cycle and dealt with debilitating pure-OCD.. My life was changed from that moment on. I felt like a prisoner in my own mind and was unable to complete even the most simple life tasks. 


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Desperately trying to seek the answers, I tried an array of different treatments, but nothing seemed to work until I began on my natural healing journey. I dived deep into researching and learning everything I could about how to heal myself naturally. I even went on to study Holistic nutrition and got my certification as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. But I believe my true knowledge comes from real lived experiences and lots of trial and error. Living a holistic lifestyle truly saved me and I believe the hardships I have gone through have led me to my purpose: Helping others become the best versions of themselves, by incorporating “holistic habits” into their daily lives!

I hit rock bottom and all I wanted was to feel like myself again. 

What I do:

Over the past several years I have had the honor of sharing my passion for holistic living with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube! This website is an extension of that. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey! 

xoxo, Sarah Marie

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