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Fine Jewelry at Audry Rose:

Precious metals, top quality craftsmanship, and sparkling gemstones… What’s not to love about fine jewelry? If you’re looking for an engagement ring, a special gift, or simply want to spoil yourself, then let me introduce you to the land of beautiful jewels.. Audry Rose!

My sister-in-law, Sarah Ashley, is the culprit for my Audry Rose obsession. She was on the hunt for a beautiful, dainty engagement/wedding ring and saw their amazing jewels on Pinterest. We booked an appointment to take a look and we’ve been hooked ever since! Audry Rose carries an assortment of talented jewelry designers including Sirciam Jewelry, Franny E Fine Jewelry, Communion by Joy, Jaine K Designs, Everett, Mason Grace Jewelry, Yasuko Azuma, Sofia Zakia and more! They have a selection of rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold pieces. Whether you’re looking for rings, bracelets, or necklaces, there’s something for everyone (and about 100 things for me *adds another item to my wishlist*).

The Audry Rose store front is located at 2665 Main Street in Santa Monica, California. The space is truly special. Flowers drape along the windows, crystals adorn the shelves, and dreamy jewels sleep soundly in their glass cabinets. It’s a sparkling oasis! However, if you don’t live in Santa Monica (like myself) you can browse their online shop from the comfort of your home at www.loveaudryrose.com . I spend a bit too much time on their website haha.

If you have an appreciation for fine jewelry, beautiful gemstones, and lot’s of sparkle, you’ll love Audry Rose! Me and Sarah Ashley can’t wait for our next visit! Our sparkle withdrawals are strong hehe.

A Few of My Favourites:

Here are a few photos from some of my favourite pieces. Be sure to  watch the YouTube video I created (see down below) which shows me trying on many of the beautiful pieces of jewelry they carry. You can see them sparkle more in the video hehe. Enjoy!

audry rose sirciam rings

These 14k gold tourmaline rings by Sirciam make my heart sing! I took the “sparkle burst” ring on my middle finger home. It has a centre stone of pink tourmaline and is surrounded by 8 diamonds, two sapphires and two opals. It also had two diamonds set into the rose gold band. From Left to right, all rings are by Sirciam Jewelry.

Audry Rose Morganite rings

These Morganite rings were so dreamy! The neutral coloured faceted stones go so well with rose gold! I’m in love! Far left: Sirciam, //  top middle: Mason Grace, bottom middle: Jennie Kwon // top right: Sirciam, bottom right: Communion by Joy.

Audry Rose Diamond rings

These sparkly jewels are fit for royalty! The many facets and beautiful pops of colour leave me in awe. Ring finger: Rusty Thought Jewelry // Middle and Pointer fingers: Yasuko Azuma.

Audry Rose stacking rings

You can never wear too many rings right? hehe what a treat. Ring finger: (top) Jennie Kwon, (middle) will find out, (bottom) Sofia Zakia  // Middle finger: (top) N+A New york, (middle) Sirciam Jewelry, (bottom) will find out. // Pointer finger: (top) Audry Rose,  (second) BCE Jewelry, (third) will find out, (bottom) Mason Grace Jewelry.


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