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My BFF/Sister-in-law Sarah Ashley and I always have a blast together! A passion we both share is natural skincare and makeup products, so we decided to film a chatty “get ready with us”. We shared a few of our all time favourite natural beauty products, while sipping on kombucha (and getting a bit crazy!) We take silliness to another level haha. All the products we use are clean, organic (if possible) and cruelty free! Check out the youtube video below, or keep reading to learn what we used!

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Skincare Application:

We started with a bit of skincare to prep our skin for the makeup application. Both Sarah Ashley and I are huge fans of Gemstone Organics skincare (Gemstone infused skincare?! How cool is that!). First we sprayed our faces with the Gemstone Organics “Forest Alchemy” Gem Juice which left us feeling like we just came out of an enchanted forest. Then we applied some Gemstone Organics Face Cremes. I have been a fan of these face cremes for years. My favourite is the Moonstone face creme and Sarah Ashley Loves the Gold and the Ruby. I also decided to apply a bit of my Kari Gran “Three Sixty Five” sunscreen, which has become my go-to everyday facial sunscreen.

Base Makeup Application:

To even out our skin tone. Both me and Sarah Ashley are a fan of keeping our skin looking natural and avoiding the “mask” look. I used my beloved Fitglow Beauty “Vita Active Foundation” in V1. I love this product because it contains amazing ingredients and gives the most natural finish. Sarah used her holy grail Amazonian Clay powder foundation from Tarte (seriously! she’s been using this since the day I met her). I then concealed under my eyes using the Fitglow Beauty Concealer in C 2.5. If you have been following me for awhile, you’ll know how in love I am with this concealer. My hunt for the perfect concealer is over. I used to use the shade C2, but they just came out with a broader shade range, and C 2.5 is now my absolute perfect match. Sarah Ashley used her 100 Percent Pure “2nd Skin” Concealer. We love the formula of the concealer, but both agree the smell can be a bit strange! To finish off our base we applied a bit of the Living Libations “Blushing Balm” to give a natural flush. We also highlighted using Sarah Ashley’s 100 Percent Pure Luminating Creme.

Eye Makeup Application:

For our brows me and Sarah both used the 100 Percent Pure “Long Last Brows” pomade. I use the shade “Taupe” which works well for my ashy light brown hair (would work extremely well on blondes as well) and Sarah Ashley used “Soft Brown” which works well for darker brown hair with red undertones. Next we moved onto eyeshadow. Both of us are HUGE fans of Aether Beauty’s gemstone infused palettes, so we were so excited to use them for the video! I have the Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette and Sarah Ashley has the Summer Solstice Eyeshadow Palette. We decided to use each other’s palettes so we could try some new shades out! For my golden look, I used the shades “Amber”, “Citrine” and “Energy”. Sarah Ashley used the gorgeous shades “Divine”, “Reawakening”, “Aura” and “Stardust” for her look. I decided to apply a bit of my Alima Pure Brown eyeliner to complement the warm eyeshadow shades. Both me and Sarah love brown eyeliner because it offers a more subtle look compared to black. I finished off my eye look by curling my eyelashes and applying the Ilia Limitless mascara. This mascara is incredible and lengthens the lashes gives a “false lash” look. Sarah Ashley used the 100 Percent Pure Mascara in “Dark Chocolate”, and let me tell you.. it smells like delicious dark chocolate bar. Yum!!

Lip Application:

For the lips I kept it simple by applying my favourite Fitglow Beauty “Lip Colour Serum” in the shade Bliss. I decided to keep the lips subtle since I wanted the gold eyeshadow look to be the main focus. I thought the shade “Bliss” worked perfect since it’s a nude with a slight golden sheen. Sarah Ashley finished off her makeup look with the
Bare Minerals Liquid Matte lipstick in “Flawless”. She was actually inspired to buy this shade because the colour was similar to the Red Apple Lipstick “Dusty Rose” lip liner I always use! Me and my sister have very similar taste!

After we got ready we went to our favourite restaurant “Coral Tree” and had a nice lunch together! This photo is from a different time. But you get the idea haha.

We hoped you enjoyed our “Get ready with us” video! We had so much fun making it and plan to do more!

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