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How to Stay Positive and Productive During Self Isolation:

Since many cities around the world are asking people to stay indoors and self isolate to stop the spread of Covid-19, I figured it’d be a good idea to write a blog with some helpful self-isolation tips. Although I know that the circumstances are unfortunate, I suggest people try to make [this time] as positive as possible and try to better yourself. Being an introvert myself, I find self isolation quite easy. However, I know that is not the case for many people. So here are some ideas to help be productive and positive during this uncertain time!

washing hands in self isolation

Learn Something New

Each of us has something new we want to learn, but the majority of people’s excuse is “I don’t have the time.” Well, now is the time! So many people are spending their time binge-watching Netflix, laying around on the couch, and scrolling on their phone for hours. Instead, use this time to better yourself. Is there a new language you’ve always wanted to learn? Do you have a skill that you’ve wanted to develop, but didn’t know when you’d be able to get around to it? Maybe you even wanted to start an online business of your own. Like I said, now is the time! 

Clean Your Space

Another tip when self-isolating, especially since this particular instance is due to a virus, is to make sure you sanitize your living quarters extra thoroughly. Think of areas people touch a lot – doorknobs, computer keyboards, faucet handles, cabinets, etc. Something that slips many people’s minds to sanitize is their cell phone. Most of us take our phones with us everywhere, and you can imagine how many germs accumulate on them. What I’ve been doing is spraying mine down with some isopropyl alcohol and then wiping it off. I have been cleaning my cell phone case with soap and water. It’s also the perfect time to be productive and do some “spring cleaning”. Organize your closet, figure out what you can get rid of, clean out those products from under the sink. It’s the perfect time for organization!

Practice Gratitude

It’s never been so important to practice gratitude! I suggest writing a daily list of things for which you’re grateful. During times like this, it is so easy to focus on negativity. I find that having an on-going list of things you’re thankful for will help to switch your mindset to one that is more positive. Practicing gratitude is such an important thing to do. Gratitude and appreciation can help you raise your body’s vibration and drastically lift your mood. Check out my video on 3 ways to raise your vibration

Keep in Touch With Loved Ones

My brother and I were FaceTiming earlier today, and he brought up the fact that we need to be thankful that there is a way for us to stay connected with each other so easily. It’s especially true during these times of self-isolation. Having the technology at our fingertips to instantly be connected with family and friends, no matter where they are in the world, is truly amazing. Today many of us take this technology for granted, but remember that not long ago we didn’t have smartphones and laptops to keep us connected. So reach out to your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. We can all use some extra support and positivity right now!

Exercise at Home

Don’t forget to exercise! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of laying in bed all day, or sitting on the couch and getting lost on Instagram for hours. Remember to get up and move! There are so many great in-home exercise tutorials that you can find online these days. Not being able to go to the gym isn’t an excuse for not getting at least a bit of exercise each day. (even 15-20 mins is better than nothing). Many of the exercise regimes you’ll find online don’t require any weights or machines, which makes it all the more convenient. My beautiful friend, Gee, creates amazing workout routines (stretching, barre, etc) and focuses on having a holistic view towards exercise and wellness. She is like a positive ray of light and will keep you motivated to stay fit and healthy! So I highly recommend checking her out on youtube at Motion Medicine.

Disconnect & Read a Book

I also recommend disconnecting from your phone or computer and picking up a book to read. Reading is very beneficial for humans, and it’s something that the majority don’t do enough of anymore. It stimulates our minds, betters our memory, and fosters creativity. I enjoy reading self-improvement books and books about health. There is so much we can learn from books, and there’s no better time to grab one off the bookshelf and dust off than now.  Two of my favourite books are The Four Agreements  and The Alchemist.

Make Nourishing Meals

It’s easy to just eat processed foods during times like these. I’ve been making [a lot] of porridge, miso soup, and pea soup. I’ve been making meals that require me to cook my produce (to kill anything that may be lingering on the fresh veggies). It would be a smart idea to wipe down your grocery packaging with an alcohol wipe or wash everything off thoroughly.
I’ve chosen 5 of my recipe videos that would be great during self isolation. If you are interested, check them out:
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My three “go-to” healthy recipes
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Or check out my whole recipe playlist here

Self Care While in Self Isolation

It’s the perfect time to take care of yourself! You are home alone (or with family) so you can try out a new face mask or hair mask. Showing ourselves some extra self love is so important during this time. Do something to make yourself feel good! If you’re looking for ideas, you can try out my DIY Avocado hair mask.

Focus on Positivity

Lastly, I highly recommend limiting your consumption of mainstream news. It’s good knowing what’s happening in the world, but most of what the mainstream news reports is sensationalized and instills a sense of fear within us. The more we become captivated by negative news, the more difficult it will be to maintain a positive state-of-mind and enjoy life. Remember to breathe. Do things to calm your mind, like a guided meditation or listening to some calming music.

I hope you enjoyed these self isolation tips. I love you guys! We will get through this and come out stronger xo