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extend hair washings


Did you know that washing your hair less can actually improve the health and quality of your hair? I wash my hair 1-2 times a week. (Yes, I still wash my body every.. I love my showers!) This may seem daunting at first, but with a little effort, you can too! If you’re use to washing your hair everyday, there will more than likely be an adjustment period. I recommend gradually decreasing the frequency of hair washes. If you wash your hair everyday, start washing it every other day, then every three days, etc… Be patient and eventually you’ll be able to go longer and longer without washing!

Reasons Not To Wash Your Hair Everyday:

  • Save money! Your products will last longer because you won’t have to use your shampoo and conditioner everyday.
  • Save time! If you have long hair like me, washing your hair is time consuming, so the less you have to do it… the better!
  • Healthier hair and scalp! Shampooing less will help balance your scalps oil production. Washing your hair too often will strip your hair of its natural oils and dry out your scalp. As a result, this will actually cause your scalp to compensate and overproduce oils, leading to oilier hair. Therefore, most people are misled into washing their hair more frequently.
long thick braid


1) Wear a Hat to Hide Oily Hair:

Wearing a hat is a great way to disguise oily hair/a bad hair day. You can wear cozy wool hats in the winter and a beautiful sun hat or baseball cap in the summer. A thick headband can also do the trick! Hats and hairbands are a cute accessory and no one will know you’re just trying to hide your unwashed hair!

2) Wash Your Bangs in The Sink:

If you have bangs/a fringe or find the front part of your hair gets oily, simply wash them in the sink. I wash my bangs every morning in the sink because they touch my face and get oily quite easily. I also bobby pin them to the side while I sleep, so they need restyling anyways. This is an easy way to freshen up your hair without having to wash your whole head!

3) Limit The Use of Styling Products:

Styling products can cause build up which can have negative effects on your hair and scalp. Products can also make it feel like you need to wash your hair sooner. If you use styling products (mousse, gel, shine serum, hairspray, etc..) I would recommend washing you hair more often to prevent build up. I also recommend doing apple cider vinegar rinses to help clarify your hair and remove product build up.
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4) Avoid Touching Your Hair:

The more you touch your hair, the faster it will become oily. Your hands can transfer sweat, oils and dirt onto your hair. Therefore, If you’re someone who loves to run your fingers through your hair, try to wash your hands beforehand!

5) Try Out Different Hairstyles:

Wear hairstyles that keep your hair off your face and disguise oily hair. Braids, buns, whatever does the trick! If you sweat/work out a lot, going an extended amount of time without washing your hair can be difficult. I suggest choosing hairstyle that keeps your hair off your shoulders and face while working out, because you don’t want your hair to touch your sweaty body.

6) Protective Hairstyles for Sleep:

How you wear your hair while you sleep can help result in less wash days. I suggest wearing a hairstyle like a loose braid or a loose bun secured with a claw clip. If you wear your hair down it can touch your face and body throughout the night, resulting in oily hair. Another great option is to wear a silk/satin hair bonnet. This helps keep your hair looking smooth and fresh in the morning. It’s one of my favourite haircare tools!
Check out my video on “protective sleep hairstyles” here.

7) Deep Clean Your Scalp:

When it is time to wash my hair, I make sure to really give my scalp a deep cleaning. I focus the shampoo into my scalp to remove any dead skin or build up. I also avoid conditioning my scalp because that will lead to oily hair. Instead I focus the conditioner on my mid length to my ends. I also recommend using a sulphate free shampoo with natural ingredients, such as my favourite “Calia” shampoo and conditioner. You can also try out “co- washing”. Co-washing stands for “conditioner only washing” and people with drier hair/curly hair tend to have good results with it.
Check out my video on how I wash my hair here.

8) Dry Shampoo:

I personally don’t use dry shampoo. I prefer using the other tips I mentioned. However, dry shampoo can definitely help extend your washings and I know a lot of people swear by it. I would steer clear of conventional dry shampoos because the ingredients are questionable and they can cause build up and clog your hair follicles. There are some DIY dry shampoo recipes that use ingredients like arrowroot powder, clay, baking soda, cocoa powder, etc… So if you are wanting to use one, try to use one with natural ingredients.