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So you’ve started your gemstone collection and now you’re wondering how to use these beautiful gifts from nature? Well look no further! Here is my guide to crystal uses:

Sleep with them. Place a small gem under your pillow at night, keep a crystal on your bedside table, or hold one in your hand while sleeping. Some great “sleep promoting” crystals are: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, Danburite, Selenite and more.

Make/wear beautiful Jewelry. This is my personal favourite way to use gemstones! Bracelets made of gemstone beads, wire wrapped gemstone necklaces, rings with gemstones set into them.. the possibilities are endless! I absolutely love wearing gemstone jewelry. It’s like wearing a beautiful piece of art. Wearing your gems in the form of jewelry is also a wonderful way to keep the gemstone close to you, so you can experience it’s energy!

Use them for decor. It’s mother natures art! I love collecting gems and displaying them around my living space. Larger crystals can make a beautiful statement, like a piece of art. Smaller gems can bring bits of beauty throughout the house. They’re not only incredibly beautiful to look at, but they can transform the energy in your home!

Carry a gem with you when you’re out and about. You can keep a little gem with you in your pocket or purse to bring positive energy anywhere you go! It’s really great if you deal with anxiety because you can hold the gem in your hand and take a few deep breaths . The worry stones and thumb stones are great for this!

Hold them while meditating. Hold stones that go along with what you are mediating on.

Use them in your yoga practise. Keeping crystals on your yoga mat helps to create a calming space for you to practice. During savasana you can hold the gem or place it on your heart centre. I also like to put a piece of rose quartz in my water bottle.

Use them in your beauty routine! Place a small gem (i recommend Rose Quartz, Jade or Amethyst) in your moisturizer or toner bottle. I also like to place my worry stones in the fridge to cool them, and then place them under my eyes to depuff! I have a “Rose Quartz” facial video you can watch here:

Make gem elixirs. Infuse your water with the properties of your gemstones. Definitely research making elixirs before attempting! Certain gems should not be made into elixirs and can actually be toxic! I personally only do this with quartz crystals such as rose quartz.

Create crystal grids. You can find grid clothes and make grids that generate specific energies. (ex: a Citrine grid for money manifestation)

Use them for massage. The gemstone wands are a great option for this! Use them to get knots out, reflexology, and to channel energy into a specific area of the body.

Reduce Electromagnetic frequencies. Most of us spend a lot of the time in front of the computer. I keep a piece of Shungite and a piece of Black Tourmaline beside my computer for this purpose.