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My Favourite Hair Tools & Hacks:

I love taking care of my hair and over the years I’ve discovered many tools that have made the process a lot easier! In this article I will share some of my favourite tools and hacks I use to achieve (and maintain) healthy, long hair. So if you’re looking for some awesome tools to help grow your hair out, keep reading! (There is also a youtube video down below)

Towel Turban:

If you have long, thick hair you’ll know the pains of using a traditional towel to dry you hair. One of my all time favourite tools for haircare is my hair towel turban! I can’t live without it. The towel turban I use is from the brand “Aquis”. It fits my long hair perfectly and it’s extremely comfortable to wear. Aquis claims that it will cut your drying time in half. This is great news for those of us who air dry our hair! You should also notice less breakage when using a towel turban, since there is no friction involved when drying your hair. 

Shower Filter:

I highly recommend everyone uses a shower filter for their overall health. However, a huge benefit from using a shower filter is healthier hair and skin. Shower filter helps remove impurities and chemicals like chlorine, which can strip and damage your hair. If you’re dealing with scalp or skin conditions (such as being dry and itchy), a shower filter might help you out! There are many filters to choose from, so definitely do your research. Right now I’m using the AE7-CM-R Pure 7 by the brand “Sprite”. I bought it because Sprite is a reputable brand, I liked the look of the chrome (vs plastic), and I liked the different shower setting options. I’m also researching using a vitamin c filter, as they’ve been shown to be extremely effective.

Hand Blender:

An immersion blender has made my life a lot easier when it comes to DIY hair masks. I love creating hair masks with ingredients like avocados and bananas. However, it’s crucial to blend them up (instead of mashing them with a fork) or you may end up with chunks of food in your hair! I find using a traditional blender can be a pain because you need a certain amount of liquid for it to blend properly and cleaning around the blades can be difficult. Once I got my hands on an immersion blender it made things a lot easier! I use the kitchen aid immersion blender and I’ve been incredibly happy with it. It blends my masks to a smooth consistency and is extremely easy to clean.

Heat Cap for Deep Conditioning:

Keeping your hair warm while deep conditioning will greatly enhance the results! I tried the “hot towel” method and it was an absolutely fail, so when I came across the “Hot Heads Thermal Haircare Caps” on Etsy it completely changed my conditioning routine for the better! You don’t have to worry about cords or toxic gels because the hot heads cap is filled with Flax seeds! You simply microwave the cap and the flax seeds will hold the heat for around 20-30 minutes. I use it with my homemade masks and oiling treatments. The caps are very comfortable, well made, and come in an assortment of pattern options! Who said you can’t look cute while deep conditioning?! I love my Hot Heads cap so much I even sometimes wear it to warm up when I’m cold!

hot heads heat cap


Wooden brushes promote hair growth by massaging the scalp, help distribute your hairs natural oils, reduce breakage and are hypoallergenic! I have a full blog post on wooden brushes which you can read here: Benefits of Using a Wooden Brush

wooden hair brush

Detangler Brush:

When my hair is damp, I use a detangler brush that is specifically made for wet hair. Dentagler brushes have  super flexible bristles, that won’t tug or break your hair off. I personally need to brush my hair when it’s damp or it will turn into a tangled mess when it dries! I have done this my whole life and never have experienced breakage. The trick is to be VERY gentle. Start at the ends and work your way up.

Topsy Tail:

Needing a way to finish off your braid? Look no further than the “Topsy Tail” tool! There are many hairstyles you can use this tool for, however I use it specifically to finish off the end of my braid (See photo for results). I demonstrate how to use it in the video below at around 12 mins 17 seconds.  It’s super simple to use and really takes your braid to a whole ‘nother level!

braid hairstyle topsy tail

Silk Bonnet or Pillow Case:

Using a silk (or satin) pillow case or silk bonnet/cap will keep your hair feeling silky and frizz free! You should notice less breakage when using using a silk pillowcase because the silky material will allow your hair to glide across the pillow, instead of rubbing it and causing knots. Silk also absorbs less moisture than cotton, so it can help prevent your hair from drying out. They’re also a wonderful choice if you’re trying to make a hairstyle last longer. When I sleep with my silk bonnet on, I wake up with almost no frizz or tangles and my hair feels silky and soft. You can also wear a silk bonnet/cap under your wool hats in the winter to prevent hat head. If you’re looking for more tips on how to protect your hair while you sleep watch my video: Protective Sleep Hairstyles


If you suffer from dry hair, you may benefit from using a humidifier. A humidifier will help add moisture back into the air, which will help prevent your hair from drying out. I mainly use my humidifier during the winter months when the atmosphere is dry (especially when I’m using indoor heating). You will also benefit from a humidifier if you have dry skin. It’s an awesome beauty secret! I love using mine during the night and waking up with hydrated hair and dewy skin!

muji humidifier

Hair Cutting Shears:

If you don’t trim you split ends at home already, you should be! A pair of sharp hair cutting shears will get the job done. I spend 5-10 minutes each night trimming any random split ends I can find. It’s actually a lot of fun! This is an easy way to keep your ends looking healthy between proper trims.

Breakage Free Hair Ties:

Typical elastic bands can lead to breakage so I recommend using a soft tie like a silk/satin scrunchy to secure your hairstyles. Hair coils are another great option because they won’t leave any indents/kinks in your hair.

Claw Clips for breakage free hair:

Claw clips are another great way to secure your hair in a bun with minimum breakage. For a protective hairstyle, I love to twist my hair onto of my head into a bun, and secure it with a claw clip. You will also have lots of volume when you let your hair out of the bun. Who doesn’t love volume?!

Glass Dropper:

Oiling your scalp is one of the best ways to promote healthy hair growth, however sometimes it’s difficult getting the oils into the roots of the hair. I’ve discovered that using a glass dropper allows me to apply the oil directly on the scalp. It’s a simple trick, but has made oiling my scalp much easier! A lot of oils nowadays already come in bottles with a glass dropper, but you can also buy them separately online. My all time favourite “Amalaki Scalp Oil Serum” from Blue Beautifly comes with a dropper and that’s how I discovered this trick!